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Shoulder CarbonCool™ LT + Omniphase®

Shoulder CarbonCool™ LT + Omniphase®

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Cooling Support

Cooler, comfortable sleep has never been easier than with the Carboncool LT + OmniPhase Pillow. Four sources of cooling technology pull heat away from your head, neck, and face to provide truly rejuvenating sleep. This pillow will keep you cool night after night, all while optimally supporting your head and neck.


**Cushioning Comfort**  
Dough memory foam provides firm support for your head and neck, offering contouring relief from aches, pains, and tension that can disrupt sleep.

**Ideal for Side Sleepers**  
Designed to transform the sleep experience for side sleepers, this pillow ensures proper neck and spine alignment, allowing you to wake up pain-free every morning.

**Experience Cooler Sleep**  
Achieve optimal sleep when your body surface temperature is between 87-91 degrees. The pillow's innovative cooling technology absorbs and dissipates body heat, delivering 20 times the cooling efficiency of traditional memory foam, ensuring a comfortable night's rest.

**Breathable Design**  
Enhanced with precisely cut ventilation channels, this design promotes increased airflow, ensuring a cool sleep environment and preventing night sweats.

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